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Design begins always with a narrative ~

~ and gets concrete through interactions, artefacts, environments,
infrastructures, experiences and stories.

Alok b. Nandi

As a designer, creative director, design strategist, writer-director, Alok Nandi explores conflicting constraints in evolving and hybrid contexts via his design agency Architempo. He is dealing with storytelling in multiple media, space and technologies, from high-tech interactive installations (Extrafiction framework, science museums) to low-tech mise-en-scene. In parallel to strategic design, Alok b. Nandi is active in media art and design, with a focus on interactive mise-en-scene and narrative architecture.

Born in Congo. Raised in Zaïre. Based in Brussels.
Background combines engineering, management and film studies.

Invited professor and regular speaker in international conferences incl. Interactive Frictions in Los Angeles, DAC in Georgia Tech and in Bergen Norway, CODE 2001 in Cambridge UK, ArtSci 2002 in New York, ARCO03 in Madrid, transmediale06 in Berlin, Media in Transition at MIT Cambridge USA, Doors of Perception 2005 (Infra) and 2007 (Juice) in New Delhi, ISEA 2008 in Singapore, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Reims School of Art & Design (design culinaire), coCreationcamp. Jury member in film and media festivals. Invited expert by EU, Canada and Belgium a.o. and commission member (VAF Experimentale Media Kunst 2006-2007, CFWB Commission des Arts Numériques 2006-2008). Board Member of Société civile des Auteurs Multimedia, in Brussels (2007-2015, as President 2009-2015) and in Paris (2011-2015)
Founder and organiser of {creativity * conversation} events which include Pecha Kucha Night Brussels, as well as interventions on food design and typography. Work in progress: Mahanet, Fluxtopia, Orientable, India in Flux, Uzoopia, is zero no.thing ?, Pecha Kucha Night Brussels, {creativity*conversation}, ...
See also www.nandi.pro.

His previous professional experiences include a.o. advertising (P&G - Procter & Gamble), film production, exhibition design and new media in publishing (Casterman - publisher of a.o. Tintin, groupe Flammarion).


Alok Nandi is a lecturer and invited professor as well as regular speaker at international conferences and events (incl. PechaKucha Tokyo, TEDx Flanders). In parallel, he launched PechaKucha Brussels and initiated the Belgian presence of Interaction Design Association, IxDA. Alok Nandi co-chaired Interaction14 in Amsterdam [ interaction14.ixda.org ] and currently serves on the IxDA Board of Directors (2015-in progress).

Recent public speaking sessions include:
_ Madrid - June 2018 - Experience Fighters
_ Paris - April 2018 - Cumulus Association & IxDA Edu - Design Education
_ Copenhagen - Feb. 2018 - Freshconference
_ Brussels - Feb. 2018 - In conversation w/ Peter Ghyczy, ADAM Brussels Design Museum
_ Lyon - Feb. 2018 - IxDA Edu & Cumulus Association - Design Education
_ Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai - Dec. 2017 - QGLUE sessions
_ New Delhi - Dec. 2017 - TIECON Delhi - Design-led Entrepreneurship
_ Brussels - Nov. 2017 - European Brain Council / Moving from UX to PX
_ Montreal - Oct. 2017 - World Design Summit / Montreal Design Declaration
_ Brussels - Sept. 2017 - EU Design Days
_ Helsinki - Sept. 2017 - Design Diplomacy / Helsinki Design Week
_ Rabat, Morocco - June 2017 - Africa Design Days
_ Split, Croatia - June 2017 - HIDesign Europe, Hotel Interior Design / keynote "The Power of Narrative"
_ Montreal - May 2017 - UITP Summit / Union Internationale des Transports Publics
_ Tokyo - March 2017 - PechaKucha Pow Wow
_ Tokyo - March 2017 - IxDA meet-up w/ @ Reaktor
_ Marrakech - Feb. 2017 - Ecole d'Architecture ENA Marrakech / keynote "Narrative Design"
_ Brussels - Dec. 2016 - Innovation/Design - GE Garages
_ Marrakech - Nov. 2016 - COP22 / Climate Conference
_ Aix-en-Provence - Oct. 2016 - Fête du Livre / Introducing the film "Charulata" by Satyajit Ray
_ Paris - Mars 2016 - Design Thinking et objets connectés, Lieu du Design
_ Brussels - October 2015 - In conversation w/ Artavazd Pelechian, BOZAR
_ Lille - Sept. 2015 - Club des entreprises Lille Design
_ Brussels - July 2015 - In conversation w/ Peter Greenaway, BOZAR
_ Tokyo - March 2015 - PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 123
// in parallel to in-organisations keynotes, in-house seminars/workshops and hosting/MCing PechaKucha Night Brussels.


He has conceived the homage book "Satyajit Ray at 70" (with exhibitions in Cannes, Paris, London, etc) and directed the performing arts evenings "Les voies de Tagore" with vocalist Sharmila Roy.
Japan Foundation fellow in 1996, on Japanese cinema and urban life in Tokyo.
Awarded for the web-mise-en-scene of urbicande.be in 1997 - with Schuiten-Peeters.
Selected for Imagina 2000 and 2002 with Transfiction, mixed realities platform.
Exhibitions in Cannes Film Festival, London , Paris, "utHOPEia" in Salzburg and Vienna, Panopticon in Ecole du Louvre, MAAD in Lille. Interventions in festivals incl. Porto 2001, lille3000.
Weekly radio chronicle from nov. 2006 to june 2008 on "Books & India" broadcasted on Paris-based RadioBFM in the IndeHebdo program.
Writings in Beaux-Arts Magazine, Cahiers du Cinema, Inside Internet, Publish, etc.
In 2018, he authored "Peter Ghyczy designing", at la Charte publishers.


_ author - www.aloknandi.com
_ speaker - www.nandi.pro
_ design - www.architempo.com
_ storytelling - www.narrative.in
_ PechaKucha Brussels - pechakucha.architempo.net

Some Videos Links

_ ref. Design film 1 - Un design "centré humain", sur Whoozart et Réseau Canopé 2015 [in French]

_ ref. Design film 2 - Un design empathique, un design transdisciplinaire, sur Whoozart et Réseau Canopé 2015 [in French]

_ ref. PechaKucha special - 5 PechaKucha "Bouger Les Lignes", Théâtre National Bruxelles 2015 [in French]

_ ref. Interaction Design and Storytelling - In conversation with Scott McCloud - - Interaction14, Amsterdam 2014 [in English]

_ ref. Transmedia Living Lab - TransInterMediation - El Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid 2012 [in English, w/ intro in Spanish]

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